Financial and Material Support for Projects

The chaire offers support of especially innovative student projects (PSC, P3A, EAs, etc.) at Ecole Polytechnique,. This support can be for:

  • Acquisition of equipment necessary for taking the project from a “toy idea” to a potentially disruptive real-world technology.
  • Travel to present promising research at a scientific or technological conference, symposium, workshop, etc.
  • Establishing contact with scientific and technological domain-experts.

In keeping with the theme of the Chaire, support will be considered to projects which either uses the Internet and connectivity in an innovative way (for example, applies connectivity to solving problems in a new domain, or in a new fashion), which improves on the Internet and connectivity (for example, by increasing networking performance, optimising algorithms, etc.), or which deepens the understanding of the Internet and of connectivity (for example, co-existence and co-interference of protocols).

Note specifically that support is not limited to “networking projects” or “computer science projects” – but is highly inclusive of projects from other domains (from social sciences through biology, physics, …, to mathematics) which simply use networking and connectivity, but in unexpected ways.

Procedure for Support – “The Pitch”

A student group seeking support for a project must be ready to “pitch the project”, as well as to justify why they’re the right group to carry the project to successful completion. This includes to:

  1. Submit, by email to, an application containing:
    • An 1-page executive summary of their project, describing its nature, justify that it is innovative, and argue that it has the potential to be  disruptive.
    • An 1-page summary of the student group, including:
      • Project title
      • Project type (PSC, P3A, EA, other)
      • A “convincing biography” for each group member.
  2. If the application is deemed interesting by the Steering Group, the project group is invited to orally “give the elevator pitch” to a group of experts, including the Steering Group.


There are two opportunities per year for applying for support. These are:

  • October 1
  • March 1