Cisco-PolytechniqueThe Cisco-Polytechnique Academic Chaire is pleased to support this 2-year Masters program in Advanced Communication Networks, and to offer the “Cisco-Polytechique scholarship for Excellence”, to deserving candidates who have been admitted into the the program.

The deadline for applications is: July 13, 2015

A successful recipient of the Cisco-Polytechnique Scholarship for Excellence will, over the duration of her or his two years of study, be able to access financial aid of up to a total of 25KEur, thus:

  • Installation and relocation aid, immediately on arrival on campus in France.
  • Coverage of mandatory registration and health insurrance fees.
  • A monthly stipend, covering reasonable living costs, for up to 2 years, and conditioned on the recipient continuing to actively and successfully follow the Masters program.

This Cisco-Polytechnique Scholarship for Excellence especially aims to:

  • Encourage Women-In-Engineering, especially in network engineering, to pursue this 2-year elite program.
  • Enable students from unfavourable conditions, who otherwise would not be able to get a higher education, to pursue this 2-year elite program.

The Cisco-Polytechnique Scholarship for Excellence can be awarded to students, who in their application can demonstrate:

  • Proof-of-admission to the 2-year Masters program in Advanced Communication Networks (contact for this);
  • An outstanding academic record (grade transcript, recommendation letters, complete CV, etc);
  • A documented and motivated need for financial aid, in order to be able to pursue higher education;
  • A strong motivation for why they believe that it is important that they be able to pursue the Masters program in Advanced Communication Networks (i.e., a letter of motivation)

Kindly note: 

Absent proof-of-admission for the 2-years Masters program in Advanced Communication Networks, the application will be summarily rejected.

Applicants for a scholarship should send the requested information and documentation by email to:

The deadline for applications is:

July 13, 2015

Applications will be studied individually, and successful applicants contacted by email shortly thereafter.